A journey through nature

It’s amazing how many different habitats you can see in half an hour – if you’re travelling by train. They can sometimes be a bit of a blur but on my regular journey from Bath to Swindon you get so see plenty of wildlife. 

It can be a new way of seeing and connecting with the natural world on the way to work or a day trip on the train; opportunity to see nature in some surprising and interesting places.

And if you’re lucky enough to to pass the Exe estuary with all of the waders or the abandoned industrial edgelands of our towns and cities you’ll be in for a real treat.
While most of us will be head down looking at emails or checking out twitter you’re missing a chance to see the passing countryside and all that it has to offer.

Railways create a natural corridor effect with embankments rich in wildflowers, hedgerows and trees. If you’re lucky you might catch a glimpse of butterflies or birds darting towards a nest.

But it’s also the richness and diversity of the views from the train windows. Small copses on the tops of hills, lightly grazed meadows, streams and ponds, and parcels of woodland. You might see a bumble bee buzzing outside the window when waiting at a red signal, a row of starlings perched on a wire or cows munching on a flower rich grassland.
So next time you travel by train set yourself a goal to see how much nature you can see as you speed towards your final destination. Take the time to resist the lure of an email or post on Facebook and see what you can discover. Every journey is a different natural adventure.


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