Getting into nature every day…

30 day’s wild is such a simple yet powerful concept courtesy of the Wildlife Trust. They’re challenging people to do something wild every day throughout June.

On one level it’s a sad reflection that we need these sort of campaigns to remind people about the joys and simple pleasures of nature. But the hard reality is that people have become increasingly disconnected from the natural world.

Most of us live in towns and cities, spend our working week commuting and then our weekends not wanting to travel (yes this is bit of a generalisation but will ring true for a lot of people). Plus we’re increasingly plugged in pretty much 24/7, almost oblivious to the world around us.

The power of a campaign such as this one is that its all about making nature part of your every day life, from the moment you open your front door.

Yes there are lots of amazing places for nature but we need to make it easy for people to connect with wildlife. If anything involves a lot of effort its likely to be less effective. Basically you’re in the world of nudge theory: gentle reminders to change your behaviour. Taking small steps which will lead to bigger changes.

Nature has a real habit of turning up everywhere. Given half a chance it will move into urban areas – parks, verges, green spaces, back lanes – and the edgelands that can be found on the fringes of towns and cities, where grey spaces meet the greenery of countryside.

My hope for this campaign is that people get a real sense of how easy it is to connect with nature. And that its about the common nature as much as the rarer stuff. There is something real soporific about watching the clouds, staring at leaves or tuning into birdsong. You don’t need to be able to identify what something is to really appreciate it; it’s a question of watching or listening.

So why not use June as the month that you finally get into or back into nature. Then it will become an essential part of your life day in day out.


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