A Wild Time memory box…

By now some of the New Year’s Resolutions will have been broken but here is a suggestion that should keep you going during the year. Its good for you, is loads of fun and is free.

A Wild Time memory from my childhood on Dartmoor with my Dad

A Wild Time memory from my childhood on Dartmoor with my Dad

If like me you get to the end of a year and struggle to remember everything you’ve done outdoors, unless you keep a diary or have a photographic memory, I have a solution for you.

The Wild Time memory box. All you need is an old ice cream container or jam jar. Cut up some strips of paper and every time that you come back from time outdoors write down some of the things that you did.

Its kind of simple really and is a great way to keep a note of all of those wild experiences that you had. It could be just for you or for a family.

I experimented with one a couple of years back and it was great to look at the contents of the box and be instantly transported back to the places that you’d been. It doesn’t just have to contain stuff from holidays or big days out. You can include things from everyday experiences – in a local park playing tag or exploring some local woods and hugging or patting a tree.

The act of writing things down (and not taping away on a computer or tablet) seems to add something to the recording of activities and experiences. It could be some sort of phenological notes (the first of the season, when things come into flower, spotting the first swift etc) or doing something that creates a wow moment. And you can let your creative spirit flow with little drawings, by you or the kids, or the odd photo.

My daughter walking through Kensington Meadows in Bath looking for frosty leaves

My daughter walking through Kensington Meadows in Bath looking for frosty leaves

And as the memory box fills up you could start to set yourself monthly or weekly challenges. And why not get your friends and family involved sharing your experiences when you meet or via social media challenges.

Throughout our lives we have a blend of experiences that create a cocktail of memories that will last a lifetime. We’ll remember some things very clearly while others fade away. A Wild Time memory box is a great way to keep them in your consciousness and then when you get to end of the year you can write them down in a notebook or pick the favourites from the year (and you can look at them when ever you want).

Its something that I’ll be doing with the kids in 2015. Yes the spontaneous nature of digital photography means its easy to capture things you see and do on camera. But the act of physically writing something down connects you in a rich way, thinking of the words or images to capture an experience or a place.


4 responses to “A Wild Time memory box…

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  2. Are you keeping up with your wild time box? I too love the idea — and need to put it into practice!

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