Dreaming of dandelions

You don’t have look that far to see them – the good old dandelion. In fields, on verges, on roundabouts and in back gardens they create a perfect fragility and feeling of nostalgia when you see them. And for me they show that the longer days and spring is in full swing.

They change look, structure and colour as we travel through spring and into summer. From bright yellow to delicate little seedheads.

2013 seems to be a good year for the dandelion. They are everywhere colonising a whole host of places. Near Bath there is a field full of magical dandelions that makes you sigh in satisfaction as you pass; creating a feeling that you want to stop the car and wonder through them.

They remind me of long warm spring days. They transport me back to childhood and that sense of elation when you first blow the fragile florets from a dandelion and they gently flutter to the ground.

A few years back I was I walking some of the Cotswold Way with friends and came across a field of dandelions with their perfectly formed and delicate spheres of florets near to Haresfield Beacon. I was transfixed: this field of beauty among the meadow, a scene repeated for generation after generation to enjoy.

Dandelions could be classed as everyday nature. But this doesn’t diminish their allure or appeal and the ability that these small plants have to get kids into nature. Picking them as yellow flowers or blowing them as dandelion clocks is great fun. It will remain a vivid reminder of childhood and its something that all children can do where ever they live.

We need to value the ordinary as much as the rare. For most people the dandelion and its process of change will be a rich part of their experience of nature. And we should celebrate this.

Dandelions add an extra dimension to the canvass of nature. They help to shape some of the mood music around the spring and that sense of lengthening days. So that’s why I’m dreaming of dandelions.


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