The joy of notebooks

On Wednesday while driving I listened to a short programme on BBC R4 about notebooks. It was one of those programmes that you spend a lot of time smiling to yourself.

I’ve always loved the idea of keeping a notebook. It would be a chance to scribble down my observations, thoughts, quotes I like or lists of books to read or albums to listen too.

I even have a selection of notebooks – in different shapes and sizes – lying around the house. And sometime I get notebook envy when I see someone else using a lovely notebook.

I’ve started writing in a notebook many times only for them to be abandoned to a life on the bookself or hidden away in a drawer. In reality keeping up a notebook is something for me that has remained stuck in theory rather than alive in practice.

I always imagine myself (rather romantically) sat in a Paris cafe, notebook open and awash with deep thoughts leaping out of the pages, pen posed and a fresh cup of coffee on my table.

There is something wonderful about the notebook. They have hardly changed over time and you could say that with the arrival of smartphone and tablet computers that there days are numbered. But we have a need to write and scribble and notebooks are the perfect size for us to capture our wishes, thoughts and opinions.

This short and perfectly formed radio programme has rekindled my desire to pick up my pen and get writing. Its a chance to download the thoughts that swirl around my head and the idea of looking back in ten years to see what I’d written is something that really appeals.


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