When spring is sprung…

We always live in hope when it comes to the changing of the seasons. The most pronounced and dramatic change of all for me is the journey from winter into spring. Once the shortest day of the year has come and gone the roadmap for the arrival of spring becomes clearer. The route is never an easy one or that straightforward and there might be many diversions along the way.

With each day that passes the days lengthen and the birds begin to sing. Blue tits, coal tits, dunnocks, blackbirds, song thrushes each with their own unique tune but playing an essential part in the soundtrack to the journey between the seasons of contrast.

Plants come alive. First the snowdrops, then the crocuses and daffodils followed by primroses and hawthorn. The subtle natural colours of these indicators that change is around the corner fill the heart with joy. They seem so fragile when up against the elements that can through a sizeable spanner in the works of the arrival of spring.

Our hope lives eternal that the winters will be mild and the springs vivid in their colour and warm in their embrace. As we move beyond the arrival of a new year the battle between the seasons for dominance and supremacy is fierce. Spring makes major advances only to suffer at the hands of a cold blast coming from the east or high winds as winter fights back.

Nature’s clock ticks slowly away indicating that the seasons will change. But will it be in March or will we have to wait till April for the season that awakens nature in all of its glory.

2013 has seen the records tumble again with the coldest March for decades. Bluebells are way behind their usual schedule of recent years and many of us are waiting to see our first butterfly of the year.

And yet when it comes our spirits will be lifted by the arrival of spring and our souls will be refreshed with the sweet music of nature and the scents of the season.


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