Writing a nature diary

I’ve never written a full on diary before but for some reason I’m compelled to give it ago. My subject of choice, in 2013, is going to be nature.

I have become very attached to the natural world in recent years, partly through my work and partly through having kids. And writing down what I see, what I feel and my thoughts about wildlife has a real appeal to me; capturing the changing of the seasons, new arrivals and the rhythm of the day from dawn to dusk.

As I looked out of the window this morning as most people were tucked up in bed the moon’s brilliance reflected throughout the sky as the rising of the sun lit up the landscape. This is rich territory as every day is so different.

I’m not going to pretend: I am a very amateurish naturalist. I can identify some species and hope to use the diary as a way of expanding my knowledge. Though I hope to use the diary to dig deeper into our relationship with nature, whether its a back garden or dramatic stretch of coast.

Part of the beauty of a diary will be writing about the sights and sounds rather than getting bogged down in species names (though important). It’s about the appreciation of nature and its power to enchant, inspire and captivate.

Most of my writing will be about where I live but will take in my journeys around the country and beyond. As I write this I can hear the winter dawn chorus striking up its first notes as daybreak takes over from night.

Writing this diary by hand will also be refreshing, taking me away from the grip of technology, though I may well post some of my entries throughout the year.

Taking the time to stop, look and listen can only enhance and deepen my relationship with the natural world; something that is so important to our well being and quality of life.


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