Never loose your inner childhood

There is something great about watching kids play. They are not judgemental, they have a sense of fun and a rich imagination.

It’s this imagination and a sense of discovery that we seem to loose as we grow up. We fear not knowing something rather opening our eyes and minds to learning something new.

When we’re kids we’ll draw pictures of everything and anything. We’re not worried what it looks like. Anyway it’s our interpretation of what we see. But slowly this creativity is educated out of us as we conform to the norms. As adults we don’t like to draw or paint because people might say ‘ha, a kid could draw that’. If we draw a tree we think it needs to look exactly like a tree rather than our personal take on what it looks like taking into account light, shape, shadows etc.

The same goes for play too. Why can’t we roll down a hill, skim stones or try to catch leaves. We should lie on the grass and watch the stars or see the clouds glide past.

To be closer to nature you need to be in it. Stop and stare don’t just walk. Take the time to look and listen. Shut out the back ground of everyday noise and rediscover that inner childhood. Try to look afresh at the world around you.

Having kids has opened my eyes to the wonder and sheer joy of simple things. I suppose you could say it’s beyond materialism: but for me it’s about taking a step back and seeing the world anew.


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