Communications blackout: a chance to talk

It happened just before 10am. First the phone bleeped and went off. Then the network went down and email traffic ground to a halt.

‘Blue Monday’ was the phrase that came to mind. The to-do list, so dependent on email and access to the system, would grow ever longer.

What was to be done? We were suddenly disconnected without links to the outside world. In a digital world how would we cope.

Gradually a mood of pessimism about the day was replaced by a quiet optimism. A sea of voices rose as people began to talk and discuss ideas and topics. Impromptu team meetings were held. The hold of email began to loosen it’s grip and people could think, plan, organise or wander talking to colleagues.

It made me realise: we are so dependent on communication tools to do our day job but occasionally we need to be released from being desk bound. A sense of real conversation and an air of time enveloped the office.

Perhaps there is a need for more ‘technical issues’ to liberate us from our routine and fire the imagination and our creative juices.


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