In praise of park life

I’m sat on a bench in the middle of small patch of grass which is in the shape of a triangle. There is three park benches, some swings, a roundabout and climbing frame. A dad, his son and grandfather are playing football. It’s a typical scene repeated across the country. There is something special about park life.

Since the rise and rise of parks in the age of the industrial revolution they have become familiar symbols across our villages, towns and cities. Generations have enjoyed all they have to offer: showing what you can do with a green space and some imagination.

In the digital age they have remained true to there founding principles. We all like a little bit of park life: somewhere for the kids to burn off all of that energy, a chance to take refuge on a park bench to clear your head or a space to immerse yourself in a favourite book.

That is why they matter so much. They mean different things to different people. They’ve resisted the need for development, they have survived neglect and seem slowly to be enjoying a renaissance. In the age of austerity we all look for certainties and constants in our life. A park, however big or small, neatly services that need.

These green jewels are places where we can let ourselves go, forget the treadmill of life and watch the clouds or listen to the trees gently rustling in the breeze.

Park life is an important part of all of our lives and a chance to enjoy the simple pleasures in life: play, laughter, conversation and rest.


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