Video and media relations

Anyone who works in PR dreams of a You Tube sensation. Something that goes viral and gives you a second, third or even fourth bite of the cherry.

The reality is that these opportunities come up very rarely and its often the very simple that captures the public’s imagination.

Video is becoming an essential part of any story or PR campaign. It has the potential to add real value if done well. The devil is in the detail of the brief. Ask a production company or individual to make a video about x and you might get z. If you want y there is a need for a clear brief and you need a clear idea of the end product that you want.

Sometimes a home movie style film can work wonders. Another time a more slick and professional production will do the trick.

A well produced video with a storyline can also work for newspaper websites, whether local or national. They have plenty of space to fill and your video could be viewed by numbers far in excess of those that visit your website.

Time is also of the essence. Keep it short and punchy with clear messages and perhaps a call to action. A two minute film should do the trick.

Video is changing the face of media relations. But like so much digital media you need to think about it’s purpose and the end product. There is a danger of just producing a video for the sake of it.


One response to “Video and media relations

  1. Hi Mike
    I was just browsing your blog and came across this post from a while back. Are you guys at the Trust happy with the service you get from production companies etc? Would love to talk to you about working with you sometime.
    As a recent ex-Countryfile director, it would be right up my street.

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