Making bread can change your life

You probably have most of the ingredients to make your own loaf of bread. Next time you go shopping pop a bag of bread flour and some yeast in your basket or trolley. And then you are ready to go: once you start it will be a love affair for life.

Making bread is special. It really is one of life’s great pleasures. Seeing your own creation grow and the smell of a loaf baking always make me smile.

I was lucky; my Mum always baked bread. I can still remember the smell and taste. It didn’t automatically mean that I’d take up baking. But it’s something that has gripped me and is part of my soul. When ever I bake I think of my late Mum and my kids devouring a slice of ‘daddy bread’.

For me it captures the simple pleasure of life: bringing fairly mundane ingredients together to make something so delicious. And the memory of holidays in France devouring French bread with salted butter and fruity jams.

Yet we as a nation accept the plastic bread that is piled high on supermarket shelves. Yes, artisan style bread can be a bit pricey; but with flour, yeast, sugar, salt, some oil and warm water we can indulge in the pure delight of a freshly baked loaf.

And making bread should become part of all our lives. In a technologically rich life full of digital distractions the wonder of mixing simple things together to create a loaf is magical. So, go one give it a go. You will never look back.


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