Birdsong really does matter

This morning as I walked to join my car share I was accompanied on my journey by a wall of birdsong. As we get more daylight hours the march towards the wall of sound that is the Dawn chorus begins. But what is it about birdsong that captures our imagination?

Its partly the fact that you can enjoy it without knowing which bird is singing and that it’s all around us, whether you live in a city or the countryside. It’s a very democratic process where the amount of knowledge doesn’t necessarily determine our listening experience.

Birdsong matters because it captures the rhythm of the changing seasons. The beauty of a blackbird singing, the wonder of a skylarks song and the arrival of house martins as they come home has captivated generations.

When we listen to birdsong it’s a direct connection to the natural world. In our increasingly technologically driven lives taking time to stop and listen can revive the soul and lift our spirits.

And best of all we don’t need to travel far to experience the joy of a bird singing. In the same way that we know it’s great to eat five fruit and veg a day or regularly take exercise, tuning into the soundtrack of our world should become an essential part of our routine.


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