Print v web

The digital revolution is upon us. Newspaper circulations are falling, most of us have smartphones and tablets are taking over with endless possibilities.

Yet there is something satisfying about reading a newspaper, whether you start with the sports section, religiously read the news or go straight to a favourite section or columnist. There is a kind of intimacy with the printed word that doesn’t quite feel the same online.

I suppose in the end its a bit like vinyl vs downloads for music and film vs digital for cameras.

Yes the web is a great tool. Twitter is changing the way we consume news and views. Newspaper groups have invested heavily in websites as the march to the brave new world continues.

At a click of a mouse or the roll of finger you can keep up to date minute by minute. For a news junkie like me this is great and something I relish.

But the printed word as a matter of record still matters. The whole process from news gathering to the individual reading the paper is one that has been around for hundreds of years.

Often copy will appear online the day before it makes it into a newspaper. This is certainly changing the dynamics of media relations and challenging the validity of embargoes.

And the number of people that see a story online is likely to far outweigh the number that reads a paper. So you need a thorough understanding of the online media and keep up to speed with stories.

My job means that I read the papers every day. I spend the day checking online news too. However, to really get to know a papers soul and ethos, you need to read it and understand its make up, however good the website is.

Newspapers will survive. There might be less of them but they still matter in the way they help shape or direct public opinion. And for me I get immense satisfaction from reading them.


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