Escaping the tyranny of email

It’s a common problem. If you work in an office it’s likely that you suffer from it. Yes I’m talking about email overload and feeling that you need to respond instantly to any message that pops into your in box.

Today was my attempt at stepping into the brave new world of an email free Friday. The nature of my job means that I communicate with people all the time. But could I resist the temptation to check my email and spend the time thinking and getting through my ever growing to do list.

I clearly remember a world before email: yes it does exist. In my first job I remember gathering excitedly with colleagues around a computer to be told about the organisations one email account. We had seen the future. No more fax machines or having to post out press releases.

Managed properly email is a wonderful tool. But it can easily take over your life and in my opinion lead to greater inefficiency and a growth in pointless traffic with unimportant information. And yes I’m guilty of helping to fill up the in boxes of colleagues with this stuff.

My experiment lasted till lunchtime. I will keep trying as I believe the discipline of having a day away from email can only be beneficial to my output and sanity.


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